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Go Beyond Tickets & Email. Deliver Great Support With Live Video Chat.

Connect with your customers the new-gen way. We’ve introduced live video chat to our support platform to help agents get more context, deliver better support and delight customers on the go. Make your chatbots & live webchat video-enabled!


Why Use Live Video Chat for Customer Service?

Real-time 1-1 Customer Support

Connect with customers and offer real-time face-to-face support for your customers.

Better Understanding & Quicker Resolutions

Understand your customer issues better and provide them with appropriate, quicker resolutions.

Better Brand-Customer Relationships

Offer personalized customer support and build better relationships - increase customer LTV and WOM marketing.

Opportunity to Increase Sales

Convince customers about what’s best for them. Cross-sell or up-sell to customers efficiently on live video chat.

Reduce Support Costs

Increase first contact resolutions and avoid multiple tickets being created - reduce support costs by up to 30%.

Modern Video Chat Your Support Team Will Love

Make support hassle-free for your agents. Allows agents to deliver great customer support using our modern video chat support. Because customers remember good experiences and your agents need to deliver the same - every single time.

Live Video Chat

Allows agents to talk with customers face-to-face and resolve queries with ease. Customers can connect with agents via video-enabled chatbots, live webchat, etc.

Seamless Screensharing

Make tech problems a walk in the park. Support agents can actively share their screens to assist customers during the call.

Emotional AI Technology

Help agents understand customers’ state of mind with advanced Emotional AI detection technology - happy, confused, frustrated, etc.

Record Live Sessions

Enable/disable live session recording on support calls. Train support agents and improve performance based on the same.

High-Quality Video Chat

Give agents & customers the best video chat experiences - no glitches or call drop-offs no matter what the network is.

Industry Wise Use Cases for Live Video Chat

Explore unlimited possibilities across industries. Use live video chat support to connect with customers on a deeper level and provide the best support experiences.



  • 1-1 medical consultation
  • Therapy & counseling from home
  • Out-of-hospital emergency care
  • Appointment reminders & notifications



  • 2-way video conversations
  • Video KYC authentication
  • Remote insurance claim assessments
  • Real-time interactive live video support



  • Distance learning enables across the globe
  • Online proctoring for remote surveillance
  • Interpret student expressions with Emotional AI
  • Instant student-tutor connectivity



  • Pre & post-sales support
  • Virtual/AR shopping
  • Buyer-seller communications
  • Retail broadcasting

Field Service

Field Service

  • Off-site technical help desk
  • Remote repair advice from experts
  • Recordings for technician training
  • Off-site inspection before technician deployment

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Contact center inquiry
  • Video-enabled chatbots
  • Technical help desk
  • Live video product demo

What Made Us Integrate Live Video Chat Support on Our Platform?

Live video chat support has been on the surge for some time now and an increased number of consumers prefer and have started to connect with agents via live video chat. And statistics say that a support interaction in the form of live video chat can give result in a 73% CSAT score.

We’ve been customer-centric always. And we wanted our clients to have the opportunity to deliver great customer support and build better relationships with their customers. And hence, we introduced live video chat as a support channel.

We’ve always been at the forefront of helping businesses deliver great customer service and this new feature will help brands scale the standard of their customer service significantly

Try Live Video Chat for Your Business

Get in touch with our experts to know how live video chat can be useful for your business. Deliver great customer support and exceptional experiences on the go!