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WhatsApp for Business

Empowering conversationalintelligence in integratedCustomer Experience with WhatsApp

With over 1.5 billion users, & 65 Bn daily messages, WhatsApp is ubiquitous as a default messaging platform worldwide. Of these more than 300 Mn are in emerging markets like India.

It is a seriously underutilized area for both marketers and care professionals alike.

Rohit Gupta, CEO, Simplify360

WhatsApp for Business @ Simplify360

  • Integral part of our “instant messenger “suite that includes WhatsApp, weChat , Line & Viber

  • Reduces overall cost per translation as part of digital deflection -Up to 50% cost savings where brands don’t use Instant messaging and 15% where they use it without our inbuilt efficiency metrics – qualify with research
  • More Features:


    Private and Secure Customer Messaging

  • WhatsApp enabled end-to-end security

  • Real-time and asynchronous messaging
  • Embedded Intelligent Automation

  • SLA based routing engine

  • Inbuilt AI for specific use cases and also AHT/headcount reduction year on year

  • ProvenAI based NLP and NLG engine for pushing marketing content
  • In-built Omni-channel view with other care channels

  • Integrated other digital engagement channels to get a seamless Omnichannel view

  • Best in class cross channel continuity