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Automate Instagram Ad Conversions.

Drive 6x ROI & More Sales On Autopilot.

Get more out of your Instagram DM now! Automate Message Template Ad Responses with Simplify360 and manage your end-to-end sales cycle on autopilot. Answer FAQs, display products, share payment links and do more!

How Does Instagram Message Template Ads Automation Work?

Step 1:
Prospects Click CTA Button

When prospects come across your message ads, they engage with them by clicking on the CTA Button.

Step 2:
Prospects Send a Message to Your DM

Have a message in place for your prospects to send. You can have multiple message options here.

Step 3:
Automate Engagement with FAQs & Coupons

Engage customers with pre-defined FAQs and automated responses. Also, introduce coupons to close the sale. 

Step 4:
Share Payment Gateway Links

When the customer has explored and chosen the product, share payment gateway links to close the sale. 

How Instagram Ads Automation Helps SMBs Grow?

Instagram has become the go-to social platform for businesses to get in touch with customers. The platform has over 200 million active businesses that drive sales and engage customers constantly. With Instagram’s new Message Template Feature Ads and Simplify360’s DM automation, SMBs can pretty much automate their sales cycle and drive more sales on the go. 

Engage customers spot on with automated responses and FAQs. Assist customers’ sales journey by giving them instant responses. Any question out of the blue, the chatbots can take care of it! 

Help customers choose products without switching platforms. Showcase products on Instagram DM by taking care of simple workflows behind the screen and delight customers with great shopping experiences. 

Send payment gateway links on the chat window. Close sales without human interaction 99% of the time. One final click and the sale is closed. No follow-ups, no demo sessions. 

By automating responses for Instagram Ads, you can increase your ROI and drive more sales on the go. You can automate engagement and pretty much the end-to-end sales cycle.

Automate Instagram Message

Ad Conversions With Simplify360 Now

Drive 6x ROI on your ad spends and drive more sales. Give customers the best automated shopping experiences on Instagram on the go. All on autopilot.