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AI powered Google Business Messages Management - Smart Messaging straight from Search

Millions of people search on Google and interact with Maps - connect with them in real-time!

AI powered Google Business Messages Management - Smart Messaging straight from Search

Millions of people search on Google and interact with Maps - connect with them in real-time!

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Google Business Messages Features

Google My Business Messaging

Reach Customers at the Start of their Journey

With Google Business messages customers can reach you right from their Google search and Google maps. Build strong relationships with customers by being accessible on every touchpoint.

Deliver Contextual Resolutions

Contextual entry point information such as type of search (e.g. Organic Search vs. Maps) and location (e.g. Mountain Ave. store) is passed alongside messages allowing agents to better service users.

Google My Business Messaging
Google My Business image catalogue
Google My Business image catalogue

Establish Memorable First Time Experiences

Provide immersive brand experience by customizing google business messages with your brand logo and name. Automate personalized welcome messages to customers and provide conversation starter chips.

Create Connections with Rich Features

Make it easier for customers to make decisions by creating chips. Use carousels and rich media like photos and product videos to present customers with multiple product options. With GBM, you can deliver memorable experiences by efficiently delivering support, scheduling and even purchasing options to increase CSAT.

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Automation with Seamless Fallback to Human Support

The rich new updates enables businesses to integrate options for self-service bots, with seamless bot to human agent transfer. Empower customers to get answers or complete tasks quickly and conveniently with messaging experiences that increase customer satisfaction.

Use Google Business Messages for all Objectives

From marketing to sales to support, GBM is a one stop shop. Engage customers that are actively searching for your product or brand. Use the research phase as an opportunity to meet and interact with customers.

Google My Business caht screen

Here is what our customers say about us!

We found an able and committed partner in Simplify 360, who worked with us to develop real-time listening, integrated the multiple channels into a singular customer redressal interface and improved our first response time by integrating Whatsapp as a communication channel in our customer service.

In an ever-changing world of social media customer service, Simplify360’s omnichannel message first, scalable platform with optimization features has allowed Xiaomi to hit the ground running and has helped improve our efficiency and scale of operations.

Simplify360 not only enabled us to achieve review feedback monitoring and insights for 980 dealers, but have also allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently respond to end customers thereby improving our brand image.

Partnering with Simplify360 helped us integrate all our support channels into a single omnichannel unified inbox and enabled us to streamline our customer service processes. We recommend Simplify360 for its efficiency, flexibility, and personalized support. The software is a great enabler to our capabilities.

    Why Simplify360?
    We partnered with Google to deliver this service to Businesses to create connections that count.

    Manage Multiple Locations on One Platform

    No matter the number of locations, integrate all onto our omnichannel platform and manage them effortlessly. With an omnichannel approach you can ensure your brand image and voice is consistent across the board.

    Analyse Essential Metrics Comprehensively

    Gain in-depth insights on specific locations, regions and zones or across all locations. Get detailed analysis of customer sentiment across locations, to understand and deliver great customer experience.

    Engage with customers on Google Business Messaging

    Manage Google My Business on our platform by onboarding location managers and other important employees to increase efficiency and enable them to respond to customers with specific Queries.

    Collaborative workflow management

    Bring all your agents and teams onboard to have efficient workflow, customize workflow to your business needs. Assign tasks to the right people and ensure responses to customers are on-brand with approval workflow, collaboration has never been more effortless.

    AI Driven Ticketing System

    Track tickets at different stages and monitor the number of new tickets to ensure smooth workflow through our AI based ticketing system. A peek in the inflow of new messages could be the result of a new campaign or effort, it could also be a sign of any issues.

    Simplify360 has partnered with Google to help business enable Google Business Messages

    The Opportunity*

    3.5 Billion

    Google Searches/day


    Google Searches/Second

    62.5 Billion

    Google Users/Year

    62.5 %

    Mobile Users
    More then 3.5 billion opportunities present themselves daily when your prospects,customers,and partners use google search/maps daily
    Solution Guru @Simplify360 - 3 min read

    Simplify360 has recently partnered with Google My Business (GMB) to integrate an innovative new feature for customer service – Google Business Messages. This is an extension of location reviews that Google provides.


    Google has developed a conversation channel that allows customers to communicate with specific branches of businesses. This is a unified feature that provides businesses with the ability to communicate with customers and answer FAQs. Google Business Messages gives businesses, store and location owners the opportunity to improve their customer experience scheduling, purchasing through features that provide suggested responses and photos.


    The key benefits include:

    The biggest benefit of all is that this close loops location and location feedback which were previously reviews and hence did not allow dialogue.

    As the means to communicate changes and evolves, customers now prefer communicating through personal messaging channels. Therefore, Google has innovated a tool that  provides an asynchronous messaging channel that advances business results. “Business Messages can help route calls to chat, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction with CSAT data and feedback. For more hands-on assistance, our team and partners can help brands develop a conversational marketing strategy”.

    Simplify360 is an omni-channel digital customer service platform. New and existing customers can use Google Business Messages as part of a larger omni-channel suite.  This allows brands to map customers across stores, leaving reviews and engaging with their other channels such as email, WhatsApp, other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. We also allow for inbuilt AI to boost engagement. When this is coupled with existing productivity measures it helps analyse, identify and respond to end customers in the fastest possible time with best in class CSAT!