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Servicing Customers Socially

Research Report

Customer Experience in Banking Industry

Learn the trends in customer service engagement on Twitter and Facebook for Public and Private banks in India..

The social customer service engagement for both private and public banks in India was led by complaint escalation with 63% share of engagement. These escalation were generally call centre and branch related issues. Though public and private banks are slowly making a shift to increase presence on social media, many customers are still using it as a complaint escalations medium. However, banks have started using social media to communicate with their customers extensively, only in 2017. Currently only 49% of banks are actively using Facebook to engage with their customers, while only 24% are using Twitter for the same.

A thorough research was carried out to analyse the sentiment and engagement across 37 public and private sector banks in India. Metrics such as share of voice, engagement rate, activity rate and response time was used to benchmark.


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