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Servicing Customers Socially

Brand Management

Make your brand desirable by connecting with your audience.

Reach out to your audience with convincing content and watch the engagement grow.

Stay ahead with

Competitor Benchmarking

Find out what your competitors are doing and measure it agaist your brand performance through data driven analysis projected with actionable insights. Boost your content performance by choosing the right marketing initiatives to reach your audience.

Maintain social harmony with

Brand Value

Understand what your audience is talking about your brand, nourish the positivity and tackle the negativity to ensure a balanced social image. Make the most out of social data to understand the correct way to position your brand for best results.

Drive faster results in

Marketing and Sales

Boost your marketing initiatives in the right direction with social insights. Rely on elaborate reports to provide you the sentiment around your brand and provide you with comparative studies for better marketing and to drive better sales.

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Enhance customer experience with our all-in-one social crm software.

More Features:


Contact Management

Keeping your contct list clean and handy

Profile Comparison

Compare successes and failures to target your customers better

Social Customer Service

Manage your relationships better using a simpler UI

Customer Satisfaction

Measure your CSAT score by sending out quantitative surveys

Easy Data Access

Download actionable formats of data, such as excel

Easy Integration

Connect your traditional CRM tool with our platform for better data visualization