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 Word-of-mouth to Viral Marketing

Word-of-mouth to Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is not a fad. It has been in the market for more than ages just that we used to call it word-of-mouth. The norm behind Word-of-mouth or Viral marketing is simple – ‘Creating peer recommendations for products.’
Marketing and advertising rely on millions of media channels to in today’s world to spread the message and reach niche audiences. Out of these countless media channels, Social Media is marketers’ cup of tea for getting viral. The viral nature of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. is the reason why marketers relentlessly make use of social media for going viral.
Check the statistics to understand why…
Getting viral through social media is all about using the social media channels to create or increase the awareness and spread it in the cloud like virus in a system. A virus that gets submissive by end of the day is not worth a try. Virus, be it in the form of a video, flash game, eBook, image or even text, penetrating through different channels and staying alive until it gets noticed by millions is what businesses need. Bringing such marketing tactics into action, marketing strategists creating social media marketing strategies should chalk out plans to make the product or service viral involving less cost.
When a user finds an attractive and innovative marketing component, he/she shares it in social media network with friends. When the friends like the marketing ad, they in turn share it in their circles, creating an infinite loop and making it go viral.
When Gangnam Style video, this decade’s most viral thing in the market, was created, neither Psy nor viewers knew it would go to such heights.

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This is a scenario with most marketers. Despite planning for viral marketing, they end up with meagre results. Creating a strategy and praying for it to work is not a real good way of doing it.