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 Ten Reasons Why Social Media listening Matters

Ten Reasons Why Social Media listening Matters

Social Media Monitoring is beneficial in many ways – Here are the 10 main reasons why it is so crucial :-
1. It gives you the ability to reduce customer support costs,
2.It helps you to spot a PR crisis in its formation stage,
3. Lets you to keep a track of your competitor’s brand reputation, 
4. Provides leads and helps your sales team in engaging with prospects,
5. It is a great tool for customer service,

6. Allows you to understand your audience – Their lifestyle/preferences thereby helping you to customize your communication strategy
7. It keeps you updated about the key influencers on your topic
8. Helps you to know market sentiment, so that you can make your products/campaigns more futuristic in nature,
9. It builds your social proof,
10. It helps your customer service team to maintain the turnaround time thereby reaching new customer service standards.