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 Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2010

Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2010

Year 2010 was definitely the year for budding entrepreneurs and rise in social media traffic. But no one knows how effective the calendar was in terms of social media trends. Here are the top 10 Social media trends for the year 2010

1. Social Media helps Retailers to promote, sell and engage:

Foursquare was definitely the buzz word in the year 2010, it is a location based service that allowed the users to “check-in”. It helped the retailers to engage with their old customers and also offered ways to promote and sell the services and goods through various social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

2. Facebook ascension:

Facebook overtook Google and increased its dominance over the internet and became the most popular site in the U.S. It was seen that in the month of August people spent more time on Facebook than on Google. Users started sharing information, photos, videos and music through Facebook rather than Google. Facebook also helped business people to create forums and fan pages to increase the brand awareness and communicate with their customers.

3. Omnipresence of Twitter:

Twitter definitely proved its worth in the year 2010 by circulating news around the world in a short span of time. From celebrity comments to Politicians talks, and Army men to ordinary people tweeted each and every point of their status, be it an order or a distress call. Tweets made information to be disseminated faster than expected.

4. Social media goes Mobile:

It was observed that many companies banned the access of social networking sites due to the decline in efficiency of work. This made the people to access social sites through their hand held devices and this was definitely on the move in the year 2010. That meant instead of the regular cigarette break, people used to take a social media break.

5. Emergence of Viral Videos:

2010 saw the great inclination of the companies to make an effort to generate awareness among the customers. This was when the concept of viral videos came into existence. People just created videos linking them to their company and sending it all over the world. The result for estimated customer reach was proved to be high.

6. Social media gaming:

Social gaming had become the ultimate word of every Facebook user. The social gaming was highly addictive and many organizations started experimenting by creating their own social gaming applications. The gamers were definitely

7. Ads were more interactive and connected to social networks:

Unlike the previous years, 2010 the Google ads and Facebook ads definitely had a lot to work on the ad process. It was made sure that ads were displayed on the user’s profiles or search engines based on his interest or similar to his prior searches.

8. The Rise of a catalyst for a change in Large Enterprises:

Companies in 2010, really started hearing to the customers and the end users. This is when social media proved its worth in terms of customer support, unaffected customer communication, service delivery and other various areas of business. Companies started to develop social media strategies after understanding the importance of social media.

9. Sales will be high in those organizations that have embraced social media:

2010 proved that those companies which had made its presence in the social media generated higher sales as compared to the other counterparts. This is because of the existence of extensive networks between B2B and B2C contacts.

10. Brands started to use listening platforms to monitor the conversations:

Many footwear, food and other brands started valuing the customers feedbacks and comments over their products over the social media. The feedbacks were treated to be constructive facts to resurrect the brands and distinguish them from rivals and make the consumers more inclined towards their brand.