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 Stoke City FC and Tottenham Hotspurs use new Social Media Marketing methods

Stoke City FC and Tottenham Hotspurs use new Social Media Marketing methods

With Premier League clubs actively gathering a foreign fan base due to the extended popularity of the Barclays Premier League, some clubs are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to making sure that certain sections of the fan base are addressed. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool may already be actively ahead but the following clubs have taken an alternative approach to how they deal with their social media handles and pages.
Tottenham Hotspur currently sits at 6th in the Premier League table and have carried the notorious tag of being wannabe contenders for a long time now. It’s been decades since they last lifted the league title although they have been quite a competitive team throughout their history. A cup side nonetheless, Spurs under the leadership of Daniel Levy seem to be heading in the right direction.
The Spurs Facebook page has also been subjected to a revamp.
The official Youtube channel of Spurs is extensively shared by the Facebook page to garner more interest into the club and its marketing campagins. In addition to “SPURS TV” broadcasted off their official website, the North London club generously shares updates off its Youtube Channel on social media platforms. Most big clubs generally share official channel updates via their websites but Tottenham prefers to use it’s Youtube presence to great effect.
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Stoke City on the other hand have employed a more conservative approach. Rather than use something as brash as Youtube, they chose an alternative but effective social media application : SNAPCHAT.
You read that right !
Stoke City, a mid table club in the Barclays Premier League now employ the use of Snapchat to communicate with their fans becoming one of the very few clubs in the world to use this application. Not even the current top 4 in the Premier League use the durable mobile phone app to reach out to their fan bases.
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To think a club that is on the poorer half of the Premier League table is going to this length to ensure that it’s brand is well marketed across the globe goes to show how important marketing is in the realm of competitive football clubs.
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