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 Spammers hit Twitter

Spammers hit Twitter

#LORDJASONJEROME trended for 2 hours 30 minutes globally with over 2.1Million mentions

 Shouting Bluebird

#LORDJASONJEROME: Have seen this hashtag getting trended on Twitter from the past two days and thought it was something new that I haven’t come across, but today this hashtag has drawn my attention as I have seen this getting trending in the first place for India region.


This made me to look out what are the tweets about and to my surprise have seen a long stream of Tweets flowing in for every minute and found it very difficult to identify one meaningful tweet among many tweets I have seen. Here is the snapshot of the same.
Taken back by this surprise, checked the number of conversations on this hashtag globally over the past seven days and got to know there were 2.1M conversations.
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