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 Social Media + PR Firms = A Winning Combination For Building Brand

Social Media + PR Firms = A Winning Combination For Building Brand

PR Firms i.e. Public Relations Firms create and manage the images of a brand or a company. Depending on the brand or client or product, the PR firms design various strategies to build a brand image. They use wide array of media to spread the brand in niche segments. On observing that social media has become the new revenue generating tool, over 84% of PR firms are incorporating social media in their branding strategies.

BUT, remember that people will speak both good and bad about brands and social media is just another platform where people can abuse or praise the brand. When people talk about a brand in the broad daylight on the social media platforms, the brands are bound to be noticed by huge crowd people. Apparently social media makes it easy for the message to be spread like wildfire. If the PR firms are not active on the social media channels they are missing out on a lot of opportunities for them and their clients.
Reach out to the top influencers:
Get connected with the top bloggers, journalists, reporters and celebrities if possible. A mention about the brand from any of these top influencers would add a great value to the brand. You can use social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get noticed by these top influencers.

  • Twitter: You can follow these influencers, retweet their tweets, start conversations and write feedback about their works. Mentioning them in your tweets is a great way of gaining attention. However, do not over do it.
  • Facebook: Friend with reporters, bloggers and journalists relevant to your business. Build stronger relationships with fewer influencers. Do not try to grab everyone’s attention.
  • LinkedIn: Join relevant groups without overdoing it. Try to connect with the influencers and participate in the conversations. Try to answer their questions or start a new conversation.

Use unique, hilarious and appealing content:
Content has the power to showcase you as the top industry leaders in your niche. Funny content will definitely be shared by people to their friends. Though the reader barely knows the brand, if the content is share-worthy, people with apparently share it and talk about it. PR firms would need not work much to make it go viral.
Numbers here, numbers there, numbers everywhere:
People believe numbers more than words. So, share industry-specific statistics that might trigger the readers. You can also share information about surveys conducted by your in-house research teams.
Once you start actively participating in social media, you can track the revenue generated in the following ways.
Conduct customers survey: Customers are your best critics. Run a survey asking your customers feedback about your social media efforts asking them how they would rank your current social media activities.
Compare with yourself: You are your top competitor. Compare metrics of your social media before and after particular activities.
Numbers matter: Check out the number of mentions about the brand in Twitter and Google alerts. Compare brand website rankings with competitors. Analyst the increase in the number of quality followers on Twitter, Friends on Facebook and Connections in LinkedIn. This will give you information on how many quality prospects/leads/customers you have gained.
These are just a few tactics that can add up to brand management. There are many other hidden social media capabilities lying under the rug. Try to uncover more tactics to get more. 

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