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 5 Social Media Monitoring Blogs You Should Visit

5 Social Media Monitoring Blogs You Should Visit

Social Media Monitoring is no simple task. It requires great attention to detail, the right kind of tools to perform various tasks as well as a dedicated team to ensure a smooth flow of operations.
But with so much information flowing through the Internet, you’ve got to know when to cut the fat and use what’s necessary. Here’s a list of blogs and websites that will come in handy whenever you need to learn a thing a two about Social Media Monitoring:

  1. Social Media Examiner: The world’s largest online social media magazine, Social Media Examiner® helps businesses discover how to best use social media, blogs and podcasts to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales. This makes Examiner one of the most sought after websites in the social media sphere.  Social Media Examiner


  1. Inbound Hub-The Hubspot Blog:  From Marketing to Sales, Inbound Hub is every Social Media Enthusiast’s paradise. With new topics being published on a daily basis, Inbound Hub allows you to learn and grow not just with Social Media Monitoring, but with Social Media as a whole. It is wild, fun and entertaining and one of the most read blogs out there on the Internet. Inbound Hub


  1. Trackur-Since 2007, Trackur has offered affordable social media monitoring tools for individuals, small companies, large corporations & agencies. With blogs ranging from Social Media Monitoring to Online Reputation Management, Trackur will cater to all your social media needs.trackur-300x232


  1. Klout: Klout offers several ways to bring influencers and brands together. It’s got a wonderful blog to boot, discussing Social Media Monitoring and emphasizing the need to bring together brands and companies in a bid to create authentic earned media that works. klout


  1. Simplify360: Last but not least, us! When it comes to Content Marketing, we know our stuff. In fact, it’s the platform we’ve built our successes on. Be it Social Listening or Monitoring, we’ve always managed to stay current and stay fresh. In fact that’s led to us being featured in various articles such as :
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