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Social media for brand manager

Social Media has posed one of the biggest challenge for Brand Managers. Today, brand managers are continuously queried about their social media strategies and how they plan to harness them. This has brought brand managers on the front-line where they have an immense challenge of communicating with their loyal followers and customers through complex communication framework.

One of the biggest challenge with social media is that the media cannot be controlled and the moment you try to control is the moment you lose the grip on your brand. There has been many case studies where big brands have lost their control over their social media strategies, where as some brands have been able to leverage it. So what makes it tick on social media for brands.

Simplify360 team has been producing many research reports on brands and how they are using social media. Hence it very important for us to communicate our knowledge on the subject and help brand managers cope with challenges. Below is a brief guiding rules for brand managers.