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 Simplify360 Wishes all its Users a Happy Festive Season

Simplify360 Wishes all its Users a Happy Festive Season

As the year 2010 draws to an end, we want to take this time to wish you all a great holiday season.  2010 has been a very exciting year for us as it marks the launch of Simplify360 and it also saw evolution of social media industry as a whole.

With more and more brands and companies embracing social media to connect and communicate with their consumers, it just reinforces our faith in the eco system and needless to say, it’s rewarding indeed. With just 2 months since our launch, it’s flattering to be counted among one of the best social media listening and engagement tools.

2010 has been our journey from the idea to simplify your social media presence to the actual launch of the product and a whole lot of research, data crunching, and analytics in between. Through all the phases of product development, one thing that has always been our numero uno priority was user experience. We have used all our learning and feedback from to make this product easy to use and have everything you need at one single place.

As we continue to add useful features and make your Simplify360 experience better by the day, we promise to continue to be driven by:

  • Innovation and Research
  • 100% Customer Driven
  • More Data and Better Analytics
  • Improved User Interface and Visual Help

We look forward to beginning the New Year with the aim of helping you take a control of your social media life. In 2011 we wish to be able to create an ecosystem where social media becomes one of the key processes in business.

We have a lot of surprises planned for you for the New Year but for now, we wish to thank you for all your support, feedback, suggestions and criticism. We are grateful to all our users, fans, supporters and everyone who is part of this community called Social Media for making this year amazing.

Happy Holidays!


Simplify360 Team

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