Simplify360 Social Listening, Engagement and Analytics at one single place

Simplify360 Social Listening, Engagement and Analytics at one single place

Wow, its been almost two years since we ventured into Social Media technology space and launched, the first ever Twitter management application from India. In these two years, we managed to become one of the five most loved Twitter app in the world, crossed monthly page views of around 1.5 million page views and have over 100,000 users using our service to manage their Twitter accounts.

In our quest to help you with 360 degree of your social media identity, we have now launched Simplify360. Thanks to the feedback and suggestions of all our users, we are now ready to offer you the first ever Social Media Analytics and Engagement platform which lets you manage, market and track your brand at one single place.

We are excited to announce a free trial of the application so that you can try it and not just take our words for it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the system so that we can work on the features you love. Our pricing starts at as low as $49 so that you don’t have to pay a fortune to have a social media presence.

We’d request you to show Simplify360 the same love that you have shown Buzzom. We promise to work towards being a better social media enabler and offer you the best of our services.

Though we have a really long list of features to be added, it’s always nice to know the features you’d like to see first. As always, we are just around in case you need us. You can comment here, drop us a  mail at or catch us on Twitter @simplify360

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