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 'Be Precise, Be catchy'- The mantra of Indian Youth using Twitter

'Be Precise, Be catchy'- The mantra of Indian Youth using Twitter

Over the past few years, more and more young Indians have succumbed to the charm of tweets. Be it politicians like Kejriwal/Rahul or celebrities like Priyanka Chopra/Chetan Bhagat twitter is fast pervading within the Indian Borders.
So what are the trends and how can brands leverage this?
Simplify 360 conducted a survey and came up with very intriguing results about the way Twitter is used by an Indian Youth.
Have a look if you are an Indian youth tweeting your life out, read it even if you are not one.

  • Majority of Indians can be found on twitter within the time slot 9-12 pm, so if being a brand you are planning for a campaign launch that is worth all the buzz and attention, you know when should you be doing that.


  • When it comes following people, Indian Youth prefer their friends and colleagues most followed by politicians, sportsmen, and celebrities.


  • Tweet and Re-tweet is the most favored activity on Twitter and DM is the least used service on Twitter.


  • One out of every two Indian Youth uses mobile phone as a medium to access twitter. Are brands hearing?


  • Most of the Indian youth access twitter to get news updates on the go. It is also preferred as a socializing and networking hub. So the mantra is “Be Precise, Be catchy”.


  • Indians love for sports, politics and humor doesn’t spare twitter as they emerge as the top three areas of interest.

areas of interest

  • Looks like brevity is a cliché for some of us, around 1/3rd respondents wished twitter allowed more than 140 characters.

why on twitter
Number of twitter users tweeting on a daily basis was found to be very meager which shows that mostly people re-tweet tweets already posted/trending.