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 Pinterest Vs Sigmanote Vs WeHeartIt: Which one do you prefer?

Pinterest Vs Sigmanote Vs WeHeartIt: Which one do you prefer?

Pinterest, Sigmanote and WeHeartIt, three image based websites serving three different purposes. Lets see what each one does…
Features of Pinterest:

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking website that allows users to pin images and videos on the social network from others pinboards. Though it is quite similar to Digg and StumbleUpon, on Pinterest, you can only pin images and videos. People who are interested in any pins can like them and also follow the pin board. 80 percent of the pinterest users are female aging between 25 and 35, and are talking about how-to-do’s. Even business owners are using pinterest to sell their products representing everything in a visual format. GE Electronics is one of the top guns utilising pinterest for business. Businesses are using Pinterest as a social network to share images from events, for new product launches, to show cast customized products and services. Even non-profit organizations are utilizing Pinterest to the fullest to share their organizational events and shows.
Features of Sigmanote:

Sigmanote is a website which allows users to unlimitedly clip text, web pages, photos, PDF files, music and videos. The users can restrict the visibility to a set of people or to the public based on their requirement. When access is given to other users, they have the ability to edit other’s notebooks. Using Sigmanote is pretty easy and all you have to do is clip anything you find interesting online to your notebook and you can see them later whenever you want to. Sigmanote is a social network where people from different nations with similar interests get to share information and knowledge.
Features of WeHeartIt:

WeHeartIt is also an image based website where people portray images what they love and get inspiration from. With the inspiration that image speaks a thousand words, WeHeartIt was started and since then it became the hub for people from different cultures to share interests. It also gives access to users to share .gifs (animated images).
Though Pinterest, Sigmanote and WeHeartIt are image based websites, they serve different purposes. It would be a tough decision to choose one amongst the three.
·         If your purpose is to do business using a image based social network, Pinterest should be your option.
·         If you want to clip text and bookmark websites for your personal purpose or share it with your colleagues and employees, Sigmanote is your game.
·         If you are looking out for people with interests similar to yours, and want to show your interests in the form of images, WeHeartIt is for you.
Comprehending these aspects in a business perspective, Pinterest would be a great option. Business enterpriseses can use this platform wisely to create how-to instructographics and share it with your consumers/customers. Any product launch or a new website launch or an event promotion can be done through pinterest. So if you are on a mission to get more attention and have more engagement with your consumers or already existing customers, Pinterest is an eye-candy.

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