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 Participate in Research on Social Media Landscape and get Free Report worth $250

Participate in Research on Social Media Landscape and get Free Report worth $250

Both client companies and agencies are invited to take part in the research; this will be published after all the analysis. It will contain Social Media Marketing trends and insights.

Simplify360 is a social media management infrastructure platform. Simplify360 enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Powered by Simplify360 Analytics, we extend a sophisticated and user-friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence.

The brief survey covers topics including:

1. Relative usage of various digital channels such as email, search marketing and online advertising
2. Budgets and investment plans
3. Measurement and return on investment
4. Staffing, skills and resourcing
5. Trends of Social Media Services
6. Top Services for Social Media
7. Effectiveness of current Social Media Practices

All answers will be treated as strictly confidential.

The deadline for completion is  June 15, 2012. To participate in this study, please click on the button below.



  • Your survey requires followup answers to questions that aren’t applicable. Cant finish

    • @Lou,
      Since the survey is targeted for most of the industries there are some question which might not be applicable or relevant. Therefore the Not Applicable option is provided in those questions which are not relevant to all.

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