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 Marry Context for a Merry Christmas

Marry Context for a Merry Christmas

christmas-tree-23384_640Today’s customer has changed; She is now more informed, carries smart phone, browses multiple social media channels, visits “n” number of review sites before finalizing the purchase and now she expects from the enterprises to provide contextual customer service and wants them to understand her completely.
This is the age, where customers want to marry enterprises who have “context” in their portfolio assuring them complete understanding and trust.
According to a recent survey conducted by [24]7 ,it came out that customers want enterprises to know more about them based on their previous interactions and hence serve them accordingly.
Context is the essence of the entire communication process; it’s like serving parsley and steaks on the right tables – Enterprises generally end up serving parsley where customer ordered steaks and end up in a communication mess.

Importance of Context in Social Media

Social Media has given an all new meaning to communication, now context has attained importance more than ever.
We all know that social media data is irregular and for a brand manager or a media buyer it is highly important that the visualization of the data is proper i.e. it should be based on context not on content, so that the decision makers can see the entire story from start to finish.
Context is actually the key to know the real customer sentiment, which in turn effects the way you allocate your marketing spend.
So, for making your every Christmas merrier; it is time that you sign on the dotted line and marry context.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Graph Credit: [24]7


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