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 I-League or Indian Super League: which is the more loved football league in India?

I-League or Indian Super League: which is the more loved football league in India?

If I-League is India’s most premier football league, then ISL is definitely its booster which actually pumped the enthusiasm and interest of football in the country.

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To understand and compare the craze of the two leagues and the love of Football in India, we did a little whisking and found some really cool insights.
1. With an SSI* index of 86.43, Athletico de Kolkata is the No 1 Football Club in India.
2. Standing at 5th position in the SSI ranking list, East Bengal proudly waves at being the Most Liked Football Club in India. They have over 1.31 M fans and more than 4.7K Twitter followers. East Bengal has almost 27% of the total fans’ share.
3. On the whole, ISL Clubs clearly leads the way but East Bengal is giving tough competition.
4. Comparing the fan count, ISL beats I League marginally with 2.76M fans.
5. On Twitter, ISL leads by a great margin while on YouTube only by a small difference of 4%.
6. Indian Football Captain and Bengaluru FC player, Sunil Chetri is the most followed football player in India with over 35k Facebook fans. The maximum shares of these fans are from Delhi followed by Mumbai and Kolkata.
7. Interestingly, highest number of football fans from India belongs to Maharashtra followed by NCR and Kerala.
* Simplify360 Social Index is the metric of measurement of prominence of the club in Social space. The score is relative score; score double means double good.
Parameters used for building the score are Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, Google Plus Followers, Web Mentions (Google), Instagram followers, YouTube Subscribers and YouTube channel views
Check our SlideShare for the detailed report.

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