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 Launching The most Social Retail Brands in India Report

Launching The most Social Retail Brands in India Report

East India Retail Summit is the only regional retail forum for East India, the second edition of which will be held in Kolkata on January 11 & 12, 2012, marking the region’s rise in the country’s retail economy.

Taking this unique opportunity, Simplify360 social research team has been tracking 143 CPG Brands and 32 Retail Brands across all the social media platforms using Simplify360.

We have introduced new KPIs to measure the brand prominence and opinion scores using advanced analytical methods which will soon be making their way into the core analytical engines of Simplify360.

The report will be launched during the Event and will be provided for FREE to all the attendees at the event. Similar to our Smartphone Report, the most Social Retail Brands report will be available in future for download.

In addition, we are also launching another generic Top 50 Social Brands in India report at up-coming Click Asia Summit 2012. So stay tuned to our updates. You can follow us in Facebook, Slideshare or Twitter.

Our recent research paper:

Social Media Buzz report on Smartphones in India View the Paper

Something REALLY interesting is coming up, stay tuned :).

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