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 IPL 2015 Opening Ceremony Receives 32 K Mentions on Twitter

IPL 2015 Opening Ceremony Receives 32 K Mentions on Twitter

After the huge success of Cricket World Cup, this years IPL doesn’t seem to have made it very big on Worldwide media. While there has been a mixed reaction towards the opening ceremony, we can only wait and watch what the clashes of the teams have in store for us.  This however does not mean that the numbers are any less when it comes to number of mentions, likes, view and the kind. Surprisingly, the opening ceremony was witnessed by 96 countries and the #IPLOpeningCeremony received a whooping 32K mentions.
The scores touched no less than millions and the number of people reached by Pepsi IPL’s opening ceremony stood at a staggering 30 million. This was followed by a huge number, 15 million, which represented the number of impressions acquired by the show.
Strangely enough, IPL was the most famous in United States of America, United Kingdom and Pakistan after India bagging the rank for highest popularity. The age groups which favored IPL were finely distributed, however the older generation seems to be enjoying the games more. The youngsters of the nation seem to be tired after the huge uproar during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.
The sentiment towards IPL seems to be positive however, the difference between positive and negative sentiment is very minimal. This when compared to previous IPL events is a drastic change, considering a country like India, which celebrates Cricket no less than a festival.
While the reactions stayed marginally positive, here are a few reasons why people did not favor the opening ceremony of IPL.
The opening ceremony also added a little more popularity to the already popular super starts of our nation. Take a look at the people who were most talked about during the ceremony.
With all the super star charm that the IPL opening ceremony has left behind, it is sure going to be hard to ignore the matches as well. We are looking forward to the festival of Cricket, are you?