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Indian Beer Industry – A Social Media Audit

India has experienced huge growth in the beer industry since liberalization and opening up of the economy in 1991. The intolerance towards alcohol, that existed in the earlier days, has now decreased to a great extent. Thanks to globalization and the cultural influence of the western countries – India has now become an ideal market for beer brands to flourish and expand.

To get an insight into the Indian Beer Industry, and the performance of different beer brands in India, Simplify360 conducted a detailed research, analyzing social media conversations of top beer brands in India.

Here are some of the key points from the study:

  • Beer brands have more male patronage than female
  • People in the age group of 18-25 years are more engaged in conversations around beer on social media, and they are the ones that the beer brands must be targeting while marketing their products
  • Kingfisher is the most popular beer brand, and has its presence in almost all states in India. Almost 88.3 % of conversations about beer on social media are focused on Kingfisher
  • Maharashtra is the targeted geographic region for all beer brands. Almost all brands of beer are popular in the state.
  • Conversations about beer dominate Twitter, and the micro-blogging site may the best social media channel for beer brands to reach out to their potential customers and market their products. In addition to Twitter, beer companies also get good coverage from news websites.
  • Almost all beer brands have more positive opinions than negative comments on social media.
  • Kingfisher has the highest Influence score, which makes it the most talked about beer brand. Kingfisher’s association with Cricket(IPL) has helped build more buzz around the brand. But, the brand also garnered few negative comments due to the employee management issue in the company.
  • Foster’s and Miller Lite have the highest opinion score which means that they have very less negative opinions
  • Beer and Cricket go together for people in India. People associated beer with cricket in most of the social media conversations.

For an in-depth look and more details on the study, check out the Slideshare presentation below and you can download the presentation here.

So, which beer brand do you follow the most on social media? Do, share your comments

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