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 How to use social media during the holiday season?

How to use social media during the holiday season?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year all holidays almost back-to-back in a row, you cannot afford to miss out the holiday season marketing. Though there are many marketers who plan to take leave and get into their party shoes without planning ahead for the holiday season or the next year ahead. BUT, zealous marketers get into their marketing shoes and slate plans for the season to create a better impact on their bottom line. Especially when it comes to running social media in the holiday season, it is more than just selling, it is an art of attracting people, flirting with them to make them buy or partner with you.
With more and more businesses eyeing on the same, it gets tougher for you to be heard in the noise. Here are a few tips for you to get heard this holiday season without sweating out much.
Plan meticulously:
For obvious reasons, planning plays a great role in winning in the social-sphere in today’s world. Schedule all your posts and tweets far before the holiday season. Have a crystal-clear plan about when you want to post what. Have unique and eye-grabbing posts and make maximum efforts to stand out in the crowd. Remember to give ‘hashtags’ in your posts and tweets. Have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily social media calendars and follow these religiously.
Be real:
Don’t build castles in the air, show your audience real things you do. Two real happenings are better than twenty fake events. Realize that audience is intelligent enough to differentiate between real and fake things. Do not post fake reviews, comments, etc. which you think can add value to the brand. De facto, none trusts the reviews or comments on brand pages except of those very few who are genuine with a notion that all brands showcase fake results and customers.
Utilize email:
The emerging social media rends dint lessen impact of the email marketing. Rather, you can use social media marketing to compliment email marketing. Give social media share options in emails that help recipients in sharing the email message quick with ease.
2012 has been a year of mobile and 2013 is expected to have its influence. So get ready with your social media mobile tactics. If you can afford creating seasonal apps, do create them and publicize them via social media to win a wider spectrum of your target audience.
Local is the matter:
Yes, in 2013, most marketing firms are going to focus on increasing their local activities as people are setting out searches based on geography. And if you want to race them, you need to start practicing local right away.
Have you missed it this season, no worries, grab on the next season and see the difference.

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