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 How to transform your Content for different social media channels?

How to transform your Content for different social media channels?

Have you ever felt that your blog post content doesn’t really work well as a Facebook post but just did it for the sake of doing it? Well, do you think your audience is too dumb and they wouldn’t make out the difference? When you have such a wonderful and powerful tool in your hand, why do you want to give up on small things? Breakthrough and come out of it.
Social media such a valuable tool for business that you cannot play around with it like you do with your personal accounts. If your audience is not able to connect with your social media efforts, don’t you think it is a mere waste to do all that? 

All you need to do is take out sometime and make every piece of content relevant for the social media channel. People would be bored and annoyed if you post the same things on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Every social media channel is unique and your content should be according to the trend in those channels.
Accepted that creating specific content for each social media channel might be a back-breaking task, but it is worth it. All you would need is a pinch of creative juice and audience pulse. Here are a few tips that will help you create content for each social media platform.
Stories are the perfect suit for Facebook posts. It has to be shareable and can be personal sometimes. However, to know what stories would be relevant, you would need to know your audience preferences. Capturing attention is an easy task but engaging them is a tough task. Make them come back to your page not just for content but more than that may be something that tickles them and makes them remember you. Your content should be story driven along with a call-to-action persuading your followers to take action should be your main motive. Incorporate more images that allure the users to take action.
Content should be crisp and short as you have just 140 characters space. The tweets should be easily acceptable and understandable, news and subject driven. Twitter is the social media channel which is news-centric with important influencers.
At any point of time you scan through twitter, you can get the news updates in a jiff. When you are targeting your Twitter audience, you need to be there 24/7 at jet speed, updating every relevant news in no time. Make your tweets subject centric and tell your audience why they have to read your tweets and follow you.

Pinterest is not much about content but about images. Audience of Pinterest does not like to read lengthy content. They are there just for an inspiration. Pinterest is like a gallery for your brand. Give your audience pictures of your products or how you provide your service.
Instagram is not much for companies brand management. It is rather for personal use to check out what everyone is doing off-beat. You can check out the interests of your customers and try influencing them.
Writing great content might look like a herculean task but if done with real care and love for the brand, you can be sure your social media metrics to skyrocket.

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