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 How Retail Brand could use Facebook more effectively?

How Retail Brand could use Facebook more effectively?

Facebook is one of the best medium to reach out to millions of people around the world but the question is how effectively you are using it. Retail brand has a huge potential in social media and can leverage it to get more engagement for consumers.

Retail Brand

Key areas where Retail Brand can use Facebook
1. Customer relationship management
2. Promoting offline events and activities
3. Sharing information about products, new launch’s , discounts, stores

Customer relationship management

The strategy is based around customer engagement and interactions, with transactions being a byproduct. Retail Brands can optimize Facebook page to reach to its customers. From taking feedbacks, addressing issues and creating engagement. Facebook is emerging as a best platform for customers as well as brands to interact with each other. Through Facebook page Retail Brands can present themselves as a customer friendly brand. These kinds of interaction in open platform amplify the content making it visible to all the members of the community and influencing their decision indirectly. This is one the fundamental aspect of social media which Retail Brands can gain through.

Promoting Offline events and activities

Leverage your offline event with some smart social media marketing. Facebook gives wide space to promote offline as well as online events. Facebook’s event tab allows you to create an event, which can be published on your wall. Posting creative’s of events also help in increasing engagement.

Sharing information about products, new launch’s, discounts, stores

A Facebook Fan Page is the quickest and easiest way to get a web presence for a new product. These pages are very valuable for building community and spreading the word because Facebook offers built-in capabilities such as commenting, liking, sharing and uploading photos and videos. Information about your product, discounts and store can be shared to create buzz about the brand and also to engage customer.

Share Relevant & Interesting Content

Sharing information that is relevant to the target audience will help boost engagement. Experiment with posts that are not specifically related to your business. This will show your fans you’re interested in building relationships with them and not always about promoting business.

Good deals are always loved

The number one reason people like a business on Facebook are to get access to receive special offers or deals. Deals and offers updates are likely to liked and comment more than any other update. Share good deal to attract fans and increase engagement.

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