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 How are Companies using Social Media to increase Customer Service?

How are Companies using Social Media to increase Customer Service?

As people are talking lot about their preferred brands on social media space, few companies have started to engage their customers by monitoring their brands on social media. Mostly companies are using, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and YouTube to increase their customer service but among them few companies are managing their Social media Channels effectively to increase customer service.

One of the leading Consumer Electronic Company in India – Sony has adopted Social Media to engage and interact with customers. Sony India has around 1000+ followers in Twitter and 69,000+ fans on Facebook Page. Sony Twitter and Facebook account is active.  Sony usese Twitter and Facebook for promotional activities as well as for engaging with customers.

Samsung india maintains different profile media for its different business categories. Samsung has different pages for its Mobile, TV, and for other products. Samsung India is maintaing Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channels, and Linkedin Groups. Samsung Electronics has over 17,000+ followers in it’s LinkedIn profile. Samsung usese Twitter and Facebook for promotional activities as well as for engaging customers which has boost their customer support service.

Based on the interactivity level of the Consumer Electronic Companies in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogs, we have calculated the Social Grades of different brands. The social grade shows how active the Consumer Electronic Companies are in the social media space. Data shows, Whirlpool, LG and Videocon are least active on Social media while Sony and Samsung are actively interacting with their customers through Social Media. Sony got 3.07 out of 4 while, Whirlpool just got 1.33. Companies like whirlpool need to increase their engagement and interactivity level on Social Media.

Which Channels can be used to increase customer service?

Facebook: Companies are creating Fan Pages on Facebook to post contact information, recent updates of their products and services. And most importantly, companies are allowing “fans” and are interacting with fans through Fan page. Usually, company are placing landing page to welcome their customers. Besides that, Fan Pages have separate pages for discussion, products, application and services.

Samsung Mobile India is using Facebook to promote their newly arrived phones. Customers and company are heavily involved in the discussion about the company’s product. Samsung Mobile India has 180,000+ Fans on Facebook. Their page contains different sections such as Product Reviews, Poll, Notes, Discussions, Photos and Videos. Samsung Mobile’s customers are giving feedback about the product on Reviews Page. Company is also conducting research through Facebook Poll.

Twitter: Companies are using Twitter for promotional activities of their products and service as well as for engaging with customers. Twitter is also being used to monitoring brand, indentifying brand influence, and to interact with customers. Through twitter, customers are getting instant customer support and tips from Company. These days, companies are live tweeting their events and product launch.

Sony India has 1,000+ Followers in Twitter. And  our finding says, Sony India is actively participating on twitter to interact with customers. Sony is also tweeting useful tips and blogs releated with their product and service. They are not only engaging their customers but doing promotional and marketing activities as well.

YouTube: Companies are uploading and sharing videos to educate their customers. Besides that companies are heavily using YouTube to promote their products on the market. Companies are often sharing How to Videos to educate their customers. And they take feedback from their customer as well. Even in Google search, videos of the company appear at the top, that’s why companies are using YouTube to engage and interact with more customers.

Currently, UTVGroup is using YouTube for the promotion and marketing of Aamir Khan Production’s movie ‘Delhi Belly’. Upcoming Bollywood movie, Delhi Belly, has created an interactive video channel on YouTube. The marketers are becoming more and more creative to promote the movie through YouTube. This is very creative way to engage your customers. UTVGroup has 2,000+ subscribes on Youtube and channel has viewed 1,774,000+ times.

Sony India  also maintains YouTube channel. Though page does not seems much attractive, but they are using YouTube to promote their different products such as mobile, laptop, tv, and camera etc. According to Sony India Youtube Channel, Video about Sony Tablet has been viewed 406,000+ times while channel is viewed 42,000+ times . They have 500+ subscirbers in YouTube.

Research has been carried out by using Simplify360.

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