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 How IPL6 Scored on Social Media with Twitter?

How IPL6 Scored on Social Media with Twitter?

IPL6 has been a phenomenal success on social media with its integration strategy with Twitter enhancing the user engagement and delivering a social sporting experience to the viewers. The numbers have been suggesting that IPL6 has outperformed IPL5 with the number of tweets and conversations exceeding that of the previous edition. The number of tweets for IPL6 are 5,743,211*. With the IPL buzz around the corner, many brands have chipped in to drive their growth engine further. Brands have acquired different means for this. While some brands such as Pepsi and Vodafone went for sponsorship, others such as Cadbury are achieving the same through
their robustly strategized social media campaign.
Firms have invested heavily for sponsorship rights and association with Indian Premiere League (IPL). To achieve a greater social media engagement and drive their growth on IPL buzz, firms are responding with innovative social media campaigns. We shall be analysing these brands on the scale of their social media performance while highlighting the top performers. We shall also look into the best practices for content and influencers. We shall also look into the other interests of the viewers. Finally we would look into the latest trends and suggestions with a comparative look at social media activities of brands at SuperBowl.
The research report below looks into details of how Brands have leveraged the platforms to carry out their branding and their performance.

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