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 Get Buckled Up for Rumble Ride Presenting Simply Cricket!

Get Buckled Up for Rumble Ride Presenting Simply Cricket!

The Cricket World Cup heat is ON!!! In this ocassion Simplify360 is bringing you Simply Cricket which will add more heat to the game… So buckle up for the rough ride filled with millions of ‘Ooooh..’s and ‘Aaaaah…’s.

Along with the live action on the field, much action also takes place on the Social Media grounds, carried out by millions of fans from around the world, having countless conversations, discussions and not to forget the arduous fights that happen live! Every six, four and wicket get attention on the social media and the buzz builds on till the climax of the game and explodes on the end of the game!!

Simply cricket aims at bringing all the live action to the cricket fans updating the fans and bringing the heat as hot as it gets in the Social Media grounds. All you need is a twitter account and Ta daaa!!, you are ready for the ride.

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