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 Which European football clubs remembered the Indian Republic Day ?

Which European football clubs remembered the Indian Republic Day ?

The Germans are known for their ruthless efficiency on the pitch. Gary Lineker’s famous words, ” Football is a simple game. 22 men run around a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” is testament to the Germans’ way of going about things.
Off the pitch though, the Germans are nothing but.
The rise in the popularity of the Bundes Liga exposed German clubs to previously uncharted territory ie. foreign fan bases, a field more astute to English clubs owing their expertise to the popularity of the Premier League abroad.
The Germans have picked up marketing traits rather quickly and have in fact bettered their English rivals though.
26th January is a special day for us Indians as it is the Indian Republic Day and considering the fact that we constitute a huge fraction of the foreign bases of Europe’s big clubs, you’d think they’d remember.
Only a couple of Germans did……….and 1 Spanish team along with an English team. Surprisingly, it was neither United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal.
1) FC Schalke
German Clubs
2) Bayern Munich
German Clubs - 2
German Clubs -3
3) Surprise package ! Tottenham !
Spurs’ red hot striker Harry Kane wished Indians in the short video excerpt released by the official Spurs Facebook page.
German Clubs -4
4) The Spanish love us too !
German clubs - 5

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