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 Five ways to generate leads with Google+

Five ways to generate leads with Google+

Out of all the communication channels available to generate leads, social media is the best proven and cheapest way. And with declining of Facebook, Google+ is going to pave a great way in generating leads to businesses. Five tips with which you can grab quality leads using Google+ are…

Sharing unique content:
Creating unique and shareable content which are liked by your niche target audience is what is recommended by big guns in the marketing industry to get leads from Google plus. A content snippet is what it all takes to start an engaging conversation with friends in your circles. Directing them to your actual content spaces and driving them to convert into leads depends on the quality of the content shared. Be it any industry, best style to write and attract your audience is – ‘Humour’. Post content that tickles every rib and see people actually loving what you post. However, do not digress from your business of being on Google+.
Maintain the timings and frequency of your posts:
For any marketing tactic, timing and consistency is a must and Google+ is no exception. If you want to create a great impression and win over their trust, you need to grow consistently. Posting too many updates or posts at one single shot doesn’t give a good opinion about any brand. Maintain a consistent flow of updates – neither overdoing it nor missing out opportunities to grab leads.
Be targeted:
Posting updates which are too general is like shooting blind-folded. When you know your target audience, why not talk to them directly when you have such a great platform? When you refer to your audience, chances are that like-minded people are going to connect with t and get in touch with you. So better seize the moment.
Treat to the eyes:
Though content, numbers and many other aspects attract customers, nothing does it like images and videos. Grabbing attention through unique pictures is a great way of inviting leads to your pipeline. Along with eye-catchy images, have calls-to-action that can are concise and compelling enough for viewers to click on it.
Increase your reach:
Getting leads would be possible only if you can reach out to new and more people who are relevant and fit into your sales pipeline. This can be done by getting connected through your email lists and asking them to join your circles in Google+.
On watching out all the rapid changes happening in Google+, it is pretty obvious that it is going to be the next big thing in the social media arena. So if you do not want to miss out on the valuable leads there, you better start your Google+ activities right away.

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