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 Facebook TOP fan Application

Facebook TOP fan Application

Facebook Marketing and Fan page management is the booming business and is helping lots of business to engage in the most social way as possible. The reach out of Facebook Fan page and the level of interactivity is very high. But its is still difficult for marketers to find out who are their top members in terms of engagement and interactivity.

Simplify360 has brought out an updated version of the Facebook Top Fans application. We have been working on it for last few months, making sure that we provide the best app out there. During this process we have received a lot of feedbacks from our partners and clients to improve it.

*NOTE: We no longer provide this service.

Screeen Shots of the Top Fan App

Top Fan UI

You can view the top fans and in addition to that, engagement details. You can also view the top fans based on the weekly basis, monthly basis or all time. This will help you see how your member’s ranking and the trend.

Admin of the Application

Admin of the application can change the look and feel of the top fan apps completely. In case of Facebook authentication fail, user can even re-associated with a click of button.

Admin Setting Page

Admin has access to the user interface details from image to css. Admin can change the images and css layout of the top fans. In case of any help, our developers can always provide a essential guidance and support.


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