Cristiano Ronaldo apologises via Facebook for red card

Last night was a dramatic one of sorts for football.
Giant English teams were sent packing home from the FA CUP by lowly minnows, Lionel Messi scored and assisted a brace each as Barca romped to a 6-0 victory while Cristiano Ronaldo earned himself a 3 match ban after a direct sending off against La Liga side Córdoba.
With the social media buzz at its peak following the advent of these events, it was one particular post that stood out; one that overshadowed the rest and showed us exactly what player power meant.

It wasn’t a reaction to Chelsea, City, Southampton or Spurs crashing out, each of them big news items in their own right. It was Cristiano Ronaldo’s apology via his facebook page that gained more traction that any of the other events combined.
Ronaldo apologises on Facebook and had this to say :
CR7 - 1
Translates to : “I apologize to everyone  and especially Edimar for my thoughtless act in the game today.”
His religiously devout fans were full of praise for the Real Madrid star :
CR7 - 3
CR7 - 5
One of his fan even poked some subtle humor at him :
CR7 -6

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was spotted with Irini Shayk recently.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was spotted with Irini Shayk recently.

 Cristiano is loved, no matter what; at least that’s what his Facebook page is telling us.

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