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 Brand Patronage Comparison – How Social Media can be used as a Strategic Tool for Apparel Companies

Brand Patronage Comparison – How Social Media can be used as a Strategic Tool for Apparel Companies

Have you ever wondered who your brand patronages are? Whether your target customers are really your brand patronage? Whether you are being perceived by customers as the way you aimed for and wanted to? And whether your store is located in the right area and region? These are some of the common questions which retailers often seek the answers. And indeed this is a challenge for retailers. It’s not an easy task to get the solution to such queries.

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This is where Social Media comes into play to the rescue of retailers. The growth of Social Media has been phenomenal and people are spending at-least some minutes daily in the Social Networking Sites (SNS). Using Social Media monitoring tools, retailers can leverage the power of social media for the growth of its business and use these valuable insights in the formation of future strategy.

Research on the Apparel brands on Adidas, Reebok, Puma and Nike was done by Bangalore based InRev Systems using their social media monitoring tool Simplify360.

More than 53% of the people talking about Nike are in their early teens of age 13-17 while this figure is 43% for Adidas which is 10% less than Nike. Overall, the brand patronage pattern seems to be the same for both Nike and Adidas. This figure reduces to 38% for Reebok and 31% for Puma. Puma is the only brand among the four considered which has people in the age group of 18-25 talking most about the brand. A whopping 35% in the age group of 18-25 talks about Puma.

It is essential for brands to know the sentiments of the talk about itself in the social media, according to which they would know how the brand is being perceived by customers and then act accordingly. Adidas has a negative sentiment of 8.4% and positive sentiment of 64.8% which is quite comparable to Nike’s negative sentiment of 8.2% and positive sentiment of 65.8% as well as Reebok’s negative sentiment of 8.7% and positive sentiment of 64.2%. Puma is the most loved brand with negative sentiment of 7.3% and positive sentiment of 67.9%.

As far as demographics – location is concern, Adidas, Nike and Puma have brand patronage and loyal customers talking most about the brand in the same region – Mumbai (Maharashtra) in India and New York in the US. Interestingly, for Reebok most of the talks about the brand come from the state of Kerala in India and Pennsylvania in the US.

It can be concluded that Adidas and Nike are operating in the same environment and space and competing more rigorously as compared to Puma and Reebok because of the slight difference in the demographics of their brand patronage.

More detailed information and charts can be viewed from the report below

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