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 8 Expert Tips On Making The Most Of SlideShare

8 Expert Tips On Making The Most Of SlideShare

1. Prove that you are an expert: When you are talking something to your audience, make sure you choose topics in which you excel factually. Remember that most audience absorb visual elements faster than text. Cut down on the lengthy paragraphs, talk to the point and show visuals everywhere possible. Most importantly, you need to talk the language of the audience. If you are not giving them what they are looking for, it is as bad as not doing it at all. Use your expertise to pull new prospects by giving solutions to their problems.
 2. Title is the face of your presentation: Like any other marketing component, title or headline is the element, based on which your audience decide whether to go ahead and read or to leave it there. Audience spare not more than three seconds to take a decision. Grab the opportunity by making it easy to read along with simple, neat and alluring design. Get them with the headline and make them click through the presentation.
 3. Make the presentation SEO friendly: Optimizing your content for the search engines is as important as making it reader-friendly. Make it a practice to include most popular keywords in the title and also in each slide. Win the search engine ranking by focusing on meta description and meta tags for the presentation. Ask viewers to share the presentation. The number of shares increases the inbound links.
 4. Spread presentations through other marketing channels: Presentations on SlideShare can be embedded on different social media and marketing channels. It is easy to engage audience through presentations on blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Sharing becomes easier and content sees more light.
 5. Do not start right away – Have a Plan: Creating a presentation right away picking some random topic is very easy and anybody can do it. If you want qualified leads and results from SlideShare efforts, you need to create a strategy involving social media, blogs and other marketing channels you rely on. Before you get started, have an editorial calendar and work out based on it for enhanced results. Once you have the plan, publish it on SlideShare and drive shares through social media.
 6. Repurpose your content: Most businesses have marketing collaterals or resources on websites. Not many people utilize it to the fullest. If you already have a white paper with lots of content, presentation for SlideShare. Do not have same content; try to represent the content in a visually appealing way to attract more attention.
 7. Track reports to understand where you stand: Getting reports on number of views and downloads is one of the best features on SlideShare. Businesses can utilize this option to understand what’s working and what’s not for the brand. Track down to the referring sites, keywords and audience to get in-depth details. Based on these metrics, you can decide on ‘what’s next’.
 8. Trigger them to ‘Fill the Form’: Businesses are utilizing SlideShare as a lead generation tool. You can get the information of the person who is interested in your products or services. Chances are that people landing on SlideShare are audience searching for niche content. Once you get the details, you can follow up immediately and drive through sales.

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