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 700 mentions in less than 2 hours!

700 mentions in less than 2 hours!

Yes, we did that!
It was a fine sunny Friday Afternoon when we launched our Twitter Ninjas Campaign. It was a campaign about 10 non-celebrity yet amazingly influential Indian twitter handles.We asked 10 abstract questions about these 10 twitteratis and people seemed to identify the twitteratis with ease, clearly indicating their popularity.
Our aim was not actually to trend on twitter, but was to get into the skin of twitter users. We wanted to know what excites them, what keeps them engaged and up to what level we can extend the campaign.
In between the 10 questions we asked, we kept mixing some funny and witty questions which brought some much needed RTs and of course, some unadulterated fun.
On the contest closure, we clocked 739 mentions, garnered 60 followers and our influence score jumped from 44 to 50.
After looking these numbers, our Friday became more awesome!
So, have a look at our interesting case of “Twitter Contest Recipe” and do share with us your learning and experience with us,

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