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 7 worst practices on Facebook

7 worst practices on Facebook

There are 83 million fake profiles on Facebook. This shows that if you do not work out your plan thoughtfully and strategically your efforts could be a waste.
Many of the brands today are on Facebook for testing or researching purposes which are included in these 83 million profiles. There are many brands that are struggling to capture value and optimize on Facebook’s potential. So where are they going wrong?
Here are some of the reasons why brands have failed on Facebook: 

  1. Brands create a Facebook page and then do not use it. Multiple pages or a page with no content/conversation turns off the fans of the page. Most of the readers will not try to find the brand the next time, if they do not see any activity on the page.
  2. They will not invite anyone to like your page. Facebook allows you to invite your existing contacts from your mail box to your new Facebook page to kick start your fan community building activity. If you do not invite your friends your page will not be listed at the top of the search results.
  3. Facebook pages which are not promoted and are not linked back to their website or any other place. Fill in details about your company and include your company website to allow readers to go to your website, ensuring it’s an official brand page. There are over 83 million fake profiles and readers are looking for genuine content and connecting with the real brands on Facebook.
  4. Using Facebook solely to sell products and post ads. Facebook is a networking site and it is best used to engage with your audience. Do not try to hard-sell your products on Facebook.
  5. Using poor quality graphics or no images in posts and updates. When your posts are not clear and the message is not communicated clearly, it turns off your audience. They would stop coming back to your page and hence your number of fans decreases with time.
  6. Not creating a header image or a cover image. Facebook provides this creative feature of uploading a large cover image to showcase your brand. Many organizations upload an image with a direct sales pitch which turns off the audience. Use this space wisely, showcasing your brand/product in such a way that highlights your most important products, while at the same time customers can relate to it more easily. Do not use a sales pitch as your cover image.
  7. Business details such as address, hours of operation, mission, etc. are not mentioned on the about us section in the page. Facebook provides an opportunity of linking your website and other platforms with Facebook, use it to increase your traffic and divert your readers who are looking for more information.


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