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 5 most common myths about social media ROI

5 most common myths about social media ROI

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Every culture and tradition has myths and social media is no exception.
Here are the 5 most common myths about social media ROI that you will come across:
1. You cannot measure ROI for social media
Yes, it is possible to measure social media ROI. All you need is to create specific measureable goals and direct your plans towards it. You can trace and measure your exact social media engagement through social media listening tools and keep a check on all your insights. Similarly you can track your website traffic derived through social media using Google Analytics.
2. You cannot measure social media ROI conversions
What if I told you can track all of your followers count, comments, likes, retweets and determine exactly how much engagement you are driving. You can set your goals for specific campaigns and see if you are meeting them or not.
3. Social Media ROI has to be about direct sales
Take a break and try to figure out what exactly led to the sales, if you look closer you will find out the details- was it through an online referral or through your social channels? Did someone find about you through Facebook or may be Twitter? Here is the good news. You can keep a track of those details if you use a social media listening tool.
4. You can measure social media ROI the same way as traditional media
The truth is you cannot measure social media ROI like traditional media because social media spreads and amplifies your message. Of course you can still keep a check on it by using an appropriate social media listening platform.
5. Social Media ROI is independent of other channels
Social media is not independent from other channels. Make it a part of your overall marketing and see the magic. Keep your social media campaigns in tune to your offline and other activities to drive the maximum results of your efforts.
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