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 3 key ways Brands are building emotional connections

3 key ways Brands are building emotional connections

socialWhile most of the marketers believe that people follow a rational approach while making their buying decisions and by analyzing aspects like financials and features. But this is not true.
More than half of the times, emotions are behind the decisions of the customers. Emotions shape the attitude which drives behaviour and decisions, and surprisingly, these factors affect the behaviour of people far more than functional and technical factors. How people care about a brand may be cataleptic but these insentient feelings may lead to strong impact on any brand. Emotional connections are capable of determining the length and the strength of a customer relationship. Thus, for brands it is imperative to pursue a marketing strategy emphasizing on the human side of the services and to make a cognisant choice for strengthening these emotional connections.
But, have you ever thought, what strategies do the brands follow to develop emotional connection with customers that drives their sales. Here are some vital tactics that they follow.
1. Put their customers on the forefront of everything that they do
Many companies take advantage of customer’s love and affection for the brand. They strengthen themselves among their customers by making the realize they respect their customers and give them the top priority.
They work on making their products and services customer centric.
2. By going closer to customers’ emotionality
Brands try to understand the experience of customers while using the products along with their expectations and feelings to serve them better. Many companies let their employees experience what their customers feel about their services and products. For example, Fairmont, a renowned hotel in San Francisco, serve its employees with the same champagne that they use to for their customers.The employees on the very first day of their job are given valet car parking facility and a night’s stay in the hotel. It is not a perk but a way of making the employees feel what is it like to be a guest in the hotel. This way, employees can better understand the issues & complaints of the customers. In fact, it is a fantastic way of connecting with the customers by training your employees with the same experience that customers get.
customer experience
3. They really listen
Have you ever given  a thought that by giving attention to your customers’ issues and complaints and by listening to them, you can develop an emotional bond with them. Its indeed true. Many companies by listening to the inconsistencies and validations with their brand’s image succeed to develop and strengthen the emotional bond with their clients and customers.
By viewing the frontline not just as service responders but as the driver customer service satisfaction & innovation and a source of essential data, companies can attain a loyal customer base.
Today, one needs to possess the potential for creating distinctive memorable experiences which will not only delight the customers but will also enhance sales and referrals, and this is possible only with the apt emotional connection with the customers.

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