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 16 Key Performance Indicators for Twitter

16 Key Performance Indicators for Twitter

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Simplify360 is the world’s first complete Social Media Marketing suite. We have integrated solutions with complete coverage on global sites and meaningful analytics.
In 2013, Twitter emerged out to be the fastest growing social media platform with its easy to use features and viral factor. With so many KPIs to track, we have designed Simplify360 in a way that it can make a community manager’s life easier by providing meaningful insights of the twitter activities.
In fact, with our tool you will be able to manage the 16 must-track KPIs on Twitter to improve and improvise your twitter strategy.
Let me take you through what our tool has to offer for your Twitter needs:
We have a dedicated Twitter Analytics Dashboard where you can keep a track on your account statistics, tweet statistics, tweet analytics and also make comparisons with other profiles.
The 16 KPI’s that you can track:
1)      Know your influence and engagement score in your community-
Engagement score to measure the activity of a profile.
Influence score to measure the reach of the profile.
2)      Keep a check on your followers trend- to measure the growth and change of your Twitter community.
3)      Know the percentage change in followers growth day by day- The percentile change in the community and ratio of follower to following.
4)      Know the gender demographics of people interacting with you- The number of Retweets and mentions you receive on Twitter.
5)      Know the gender and age distribution of your community- Age distribution of people re-tweeting and mentioning you on Twitter.
6)      Know your Top Followers- The fans who engage the most with you on Twitter.
7)      Know the activity trend of your Twitter profile- Daily activities on your Twitter profile.
8)      Know when your community is most active with our day-wise and hour-wise analysis.
9)      Know how your community is accessing Twitter by getting the list of applications/ devices people use to mention you on Twitter and also in terms of follower counts.
10)   Keep a check on various engagement metrics and sentiment trend- the distribution of reaction from followers and sentiment of the mentions.
11)   Check the effectiveness of your tweets as per time span- to check on the virality of RT’s and replies.
12)   Know the pattern of Retweets and mentions received with respect to time- distribution of re-tweets and replies.
13)   Check the geographies from where your community belongs- regional distribution of people mentioning and re-tweeting your tweets.
14)   Know which your most re-tweeted tweets are.
15)   Measure your tweet’s performance- detailed analytics of each re-tweets (RT count, Tweet reach and impressions).
16)   Analyze how competitors are doing and where you need to improve- The dashboard allows you to compare multiple Twitter accounts and view the complete comparison of metrics.
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