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 The 10 Years Journey of Facebook

The 10 Years Journey of Facebook

Happy 10th birthday Facebook_ Simplify360Simplify360 wishes Happy 10th anniversary to Facebook, the social networking platform which has achieved so many milestones in the last ten years. So while Facebook gifted us all with its lookback video, we thought of gifting something to Facebook in our style.
We have tried to capture moments of the milestones they achieved in their 10 years journey.
2004: Facebook was launched on 4th February 2004 as, part of a Harvard project where only the students from Harvard University had access to it.
Popularity increased, and soon the whole student community of Boston was hooked on to the website.
Reached 1 Million users.
2005: In August 2005, became and after a month reached high school students. The photo sharing application was launched in October 2005.
Reached 5.5 Million users.
2006: Facebook made compatible on mobile devices in April 2006; and in a few months they launched notes application and also partnered with Microsoft for Facebook Ads. News feed feature was also launched in the same year.
Reached 12 Million users.
2007: Facebook platform was launched in May 2007 and it provided access to programmers. The same year Facebook sold 1.6% stake to Microsoft for $240 million while in November 2007, they launched Facebook ads.
Reached 50 Million users.
2008: In March 2008, Facebook introduced privacy control feature on the friend list. Facebook chat feature was another remarkable move made this year.
Reached 100 Million users.
2009: One of the biggest revolutions, the ‘Like’ feature was introduced this year which became a hit instantly. In June 2009, the Facebook usernames were launched. In October 2009, Facebook upgraded their privacy policy.
Reached 350 Million users.
2010: In August 2010, Facebook launched the location feature enabling people to share their location with their friends, when they made an update. Another milestone was ‘The Social Network’, a movie based on Mark Zuckerberg, which was released this year and it bragged 3 academy awards, soaring Facebook’s branding massively.
Reached 600 Million users.
2011: The Winklevoss twins withdrew their legal battle over the conceptualization of Facebook and settled for $65 millions. The ‘timeline’ feature was introduced in September 2011.
Reached 850 Million users
2012: Facebook filed for Initial Public Offering, allowing advertisers to mix ads with status updates and photos. Another big milestone that happened this year was Facebook buying Instagram in September 2012.
Reached 1 Billion Users
2013: Facebook rolled out the graph search feature giving a whole new meaning to social search. In August 2013, Facebook announced a partnership with Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera and Qualcomm to launch, a project aimed at bringing affordable Internet access to the 5 billion people without it.
Reached 1.1 Billion users.
2014: Facebook launched trending topics feature in January showing the popular topics and hashtags that are being talked about on Facebook.
In February 2014, Facebook paper application was launched which is a news curation and reader app that pulls in stories, photos, videos and links from the user’s Facebook feed – alongside Facebook’s own notification bar and action buttons.
Reached 1.23 Billion users in February 2014.
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