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AI Powered Customer Service Platform for Agency Partners - Lowest Cost to Own

Simplify360’s end-to-end social media management platform and omni-channel engagement thrives in an agency, contact centre and digital engagement environment where a single organization services multiple end clients.

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One Stop Shop

AI Powered Customer Service Platform for Agency Partners - Lowest Cost to Own

Simplify360’s end-to-end social media management platform and omni-channel engagement thrives in an agency, contact centre and digital engagement environment where a single organization services multiple end clients.

omni channel engagement
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Our workflow and centralization capabilities make the cost of ownership amongst the lowest in the industry.


Why Simplify360 Agency?

Social Media Care Icon

Social Media Care

Offer support on channels customers use, increase customer satisfaction by providing convenient and accessible.

Omnichannel Approach Icon

Omnichannel care

Manage and respond to customers across all your touch-points from a centralized platform.

Social Media Listening Icon

Social Media Listening

Track and understand what customers are saying about your brand on social media.

Social Media Insights icon

Social Media Insights

Gain insights on customer sentiment, brand perception, VOC analysis and more.

Review Management Icon

Review Management

Manage and respond to reviews across all review platforms. Customize, automate and trigger surveys across channels.

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AI & Chatbots

Enhance your customer service with SimplyBot to accelerate your customer resolutions. Tailor-made chatbots to fit your needs and brand voice.

Our Solutions

Digital Customer Care

With our omnichannel platform you can manage, respond and monitor inbound communication across all social media platforms, instant messengers, review platforms, in-app chats and much more.

Digital Customer Service

Review Management

Understand and manage customer feedback from various review platforms and sites. SimplyReviews enables you to monitor location reviews, e-commerce and app reviews from one place, with comprehensive analytics to show you the bigger picture.

review management platform

Social Media Customer Service

Integrate social media as a customer service channel on our omnichannel platform. Streamline your responses and monitor brand sentiment across all social media platforms.

Social Media Customer Service

AI and Chatbots

SimplyBot can identify intent and auto-tag sentiment in customer interactions to help resolve customer issues more efficiently. Customize chatbots as per your needs, with 24/7 support you can respond to customers after business hours and let them know when they’ll hear back.

conversational chatbot


Agency Program Highlights

Our innovative pricing allows for lowest cost to own across multiple clients. We also have reselling programs.
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Cost to own

Lowest Cost to Own

Request a demo to see how agencies have banked on Simplify360 to transform their social media and digital engagement business. We also offer custom support to agencies including:

Here is what our customers say about us!

We found an able and committed partner in Simplify 360, who worked with us to develop real-time listening, integrated the multiple channels into a singular customer redressal interface and improved our first response time by integrating Whatsapp as a communication channel in our customer service.

In an ever-changing world of social media customer service, Simplify360’s omnichannel message first, scalable platform with optimization features has allowed Xiaomi to hit the ground running and has helped improve our efficiency and scale of operations.

Simplify360 not only enabled us to achieve review feedback monitoring and insights for 980 dealers, but have also allowed us to seamlessly and efficiently respond to end customers thereby improving our brand image.

Partnering with Simplify360 helped us integrate all our support channels into a single omnichannel unified inbox and enabled us to streamline our customer service processes. We recommend Simplify360 for its efficiency, flexibility, and personalized support. The software is a great enabler to our capabilities.

We manage over 50 channels for customer support, and with Simplify360, it has become effortless to manage all our channels from one place. They provided a streamlined queue management system, so the right customer issues are handled instantly by the right team. Simplify360 is also efficient in supporting our day-to-day operations like reporting and escalations.

We've met every goal that we have set out to accomplish, Simplify360 is great with presenting us with new ideas and initiatives to continue to set ourselves apart from our competition. Their omnichannel platform has helped us manage our clients ORM activities seamlessly and has given them a leg up from their competition with comprehensive Social Listening and analytics capabilities.

A great and easy-to-use support platform! We’ve been using Simplify360 for almost two years now and our team totally loves the experience. We integrated all our support channels in one place and this helped us bring down our First Response Time by approximately 90%. This is exactly the result we were looking forward to and Simplify360 helped us achieve that.

We have been using Simplify360 for a couple of months now and we are already seeing the difference. Our ORM team can respond to customers across different channels from one single dashboard using the omnichannel Unibox resulting in quicker resolutions. We look forward to working with Simplify360 in the future and continue to improve our customer service standards.

Customer support was always a top priority at Nykaa. Our growing consumer base demanded we find modern support solutions. That’s when we partnered with Simplify360. Now, our support is pretty much streamlined. Our agents handle 50,000+ tickets per month and we were able to integrate all our support channels, automate responses and do more. Simplify360 is definitely working out great for us!

Simplify360 has got an amazing support team. We really loved how helpful & supportive they were at all instances. About the platform, it’s user-friendly, easy to set up, comes with accurate data dashboards and most helpful in managing chats & reviews across social channels from one place. We were able to provide our client excellent ORM services, thanks to Simplify360!

For a company like us, it is crucial for us to be present on, and monitor multiple channels to engage with our customers actively. Initially, we started using Simplify360 to integrate and manage our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts in one place. Our support team was able to cut through the noise, monitor and respond to over 5000+ tickets seamlessly. Now, we also handle our emails and Playstore reviews with Simplify360. The difference it has made for us is excellent and their support team is simply the best.

As an insurance company, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide superior customer experiences across channels. With Simplify360’s omni-channel inbox we have been able to deliver great CX across social media, PR and app reviews - improving response times, implementing best practices and improving brand sentiment. We also get actionable insights on brand performance, customer satisfaction, agent performance, competitor benchmarking, and much more. We are excited to continue our constant endeavor of customer delight with Simplify360 as our partner.

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