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Servicing Customers Socially


Social media is evolving, so are we! Our latest update of Simplify360 is sure to provide you the best CRM experience and a lot more insights.

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Designed for Perfection

The best way to keep social mess away, customers happy and prospects closer.

Experience the difference

A new and improved user friendly UI will enhance your experience with technology to a whole new level. Designed for your comfortable usage, Simplify360 now comes with one click access to multiple functionalities. Easy profile setups and added metrics is sure to give you an expreience like never before.

  • All important stats in one place
  • One click access to important modules
  • Collapsable vertical menu
  • Responsive design for multi-screen
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Rediscover seamless performance

Easy data access, monitoring over thousands of platforms, accutare visual data representation, faster social care, multi layered reporting are just a few of out strengths. We understand your need for accuracy like no one else ever did and thats why we deliver the best performance, every time!

  • Multi-layer topic tagging
  • Visualization of data at subquery level
  • Infographic type design for comparison
  • Auto-refreshable real-time dashboard
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Feel the power

If speed is what thrills you in technology, we have it. If accuracy is what thrills you, we have that too. If comfort of usage is what makes technology stand out for you, we are what you are looking for. Designed to provide you the best of social data, Simplify360 is defintely a social power house!

  • Highly flexible keywords monitoring
  • Advanced customer management for CRM
  • Highly customizable workflow automation
  • Integration with external CRMs at ease
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Enjoy the procedure

Enjoy technology like never before! How about we tell you that you can now publish you social content, monitor their performance, receive detailed insights, handle your social care, manage your contacts and do a lot more from just a single platform? Also, how about we tell you that you can do all of these with just a few clicks?

  • Refreshing design for content publishing
  • New customizable contact management
  • Brand new Unibox for customer support agent
  • Data extraction made simple and powerful
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Leverage the Insights

You have the data but don't know what to do with it? Don't worry, Simplify360 provides you ready to use actionable insights through customizable dashboards. Taking away the pain of plotting data, we provide ready to use graphically represented data. It's all that simple!

  • New visualization for social data
  • More than enough metrics for SocialCRM
  • Benchmarking brands made interesting
  • All in one content performance dashboard
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Better than the Best

Brand New Features

Enhance keywords monitoring

Keywords setup process is now simple and highly flexible.

Multi level Tagging

Create multi-level tags to segment social conversations.

Customizable contact management

Design your own customer detail fields for your CRM.

Content performance metrics

Receive detailed engagement metrics for your social content.


Create custom CSAT/NPS surveys to gain feedback from your customers.

Subquery level visualization

Drill down your dashboard to subquery level.

Get Started !

Enhance customer experience with our all-in-one social crm software.

frequently asked

question & answers!

All our existing customers will be automatically migrated to the new user interface with all the settings intact.
No. The user settings and data of your account will not be affected by the new UI.
The core functionality modules of Simplify360 remains the same. Also, the new UI is more intuitive hence with less than a 30 minute demo, you should be able to get started.
No. Customers will not be charged for new UI and the pricing model remains unaffected.
We will be sharing all the relevant documents, please contact your sales or account contact for the same.