Unleash your Instagram Potential, #Track Better

Unleash your Instagram Potential, #Track Better

All set to make your next move on Instagram? How about we help you with the insights?

Instagram Hashtag Tracking Simplified

Instagram is at par with Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to social media marketing activities by brands. It is an excellent way to create awareness around your brand/products using a range of images and reaching out creatively to your passive customers.

Simplify360 has made it easier for you to measure and understand how you as well as your competitors are performing on Instagram, through easy hashtag tracking.

Key Features

  • Ability to monitor feed tagged under any hashtag.
  • Explicit data visualisation for trend analysis.
  • Campaign analysis and bench-marking against competitor performance.
  • Real- time content performance update.

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"Instagram is an important channel for fashion brands like abof.com. Simply360’s new feature to capture conversations on Instagram with strong analytics reporting is helping us engage better with people on Instagram." - Ranjit Behera, Head Digital Marketing, Abof.com