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Why You Need To Know Your Customers Better?

Every year companies spend crores of currency trying to advertise their products/services aimlessly, without any guaranteed result. Targeted marketing as a phenomenon has been an uproar only in the recent days, however a lot of companies are sill measuring the upside of understanding the customer and their needs. Therefore to provide a clearer picture of […] Read more

Sep, 30, 2015


6 Steps to Choose the Best Social Media Customer Service Agents

As easy as it may sound, customer service has its own charm along with a number of hurdles to cross before getting certified as a good social customer service agent. Just like any other job, these agents also have a number of criteria’s to fulfill. If a company is trying to make an impact in […] Read more

Sep, 25, 2015


7 Guidelines to Provide Great Customer Service on Social Media

If customer service had to be described in 3 words, for sure “fast”, “appropriate” and “satisfactory” would top the list. Customer service has actually reached a state where companies can no longer keep it in the back seat, in fact as most companies today mention; it has become the backbone of many processes and areas […] Read more

Simplify360 Rebranding Announcement

We are proud to announce Simplify360’s brand new outlook towards Social Customer Service. Going forward, our company’s focus is going to be deeply inclined towards providing the best social CRM and you will also get to see constant updates to our CRM features. Simplify360 as a tool has undergone significant transformation in the past few […] Read more

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