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Step by Step Guide to the CRM Process

CRM can be challenging, not specifically the replying aspect, but identification and understanding the gravity of the messages. A reaction to a particular message, is a trigger from a chain reaction of understanding the type of message to decision making about what should be the reaction (replying, deleting or ignoring). This is a step by […] Read more

Why Online Reputation Management is critical for growth?

The concept of Online Reputation Management is still confusing for a lot of people. Most tend to confuse this concept with social media monitoring/analytics and a lot of them tend to mix it up with Public Relations. What most people fail to understand, are the dynamics of ORM, which is widely divided into two main […] Read more

6 Social CRM Trends for 2015

Every industry goes through a number of changes every year. Some of them become benchmarks and eventually form the top trends for the particular industry. Just like all industries the Customer Service industry has also undergone a number of changes, for example a completely voice based process where the only means of reaching the customer […] Read more

6 Strategies Behind Great Customer Service On Social Media

If your customer service has not gone social yet, your business is clearly missing out on a lot. Today’s customers are technologically advance and social media savvy. Traditional CRM has taken a backseat and people take to social media to rant about their bad experiences, which considering the number of people on social media, spreads […] Read more

10 Step Guide to Preparing Online Reputation Management Report

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become an integral part of customer servicing in today’s date, however, many marketers still fail to understand how not doing it properly can negatively affect the company’s business. In fact a lot of sales (up-selling, cross-selling and even new prospects) are now dependent on how well a company interacts with […] Read more

Simplify360 Upgrades Its Campaign, Workflow and Data Access Features

We are constantly upgrading our tool to suit the newer market developments and requirements. This time over, we have added a number of features to simplify the complicated marketing and workflow related processes. Three key areas that have undergone multiple changes are the campaign module, the workflow module and the data access module. The new […] Read more

4 Ways to Differentiate Between Traditional and Social CRM

Engaging with customers is one of the most important aspects to maintain a good brand name. It is also one of the major issues that most companies find challenging. However, the customer relationship aspect of business is constantly evolving and the shift from “Traditional CRM” to “Social CRM” has taken “customer relationship management” as a […] Read more

How Does Social CRM Help Boost Your SALES

Until recently the limitations of CRM were higher than the benefits derived out of it. With evolution of better technology, the processes have reached a highly automated level. Many functions which required hours of dedicated manual labor can now be performed automatically by a single tool. When social CRM was still in its budding phase, […] Read more

Analyse your “Social Customers” to enrich your CRM data

Defining The “Social” Customer: Ease of accessibility and free membership on social forums, has led to customers utilising the freedom of sharing thoughts [well, I agree “freedom” may be a term that’s debatable] and adding information every second through social conversations. This makes the process chaotic for businesses to track each and every consumer’s mindshare, […] Read more

Oct, 12, 2015


5 Keys to Exceptional Social CRM by E Commerce Companies

Did you know that most people opt for a brand because of its name and the kind of products it sells but most people leave a brand because of bad customer service? The demand for E-commerce is on a constant rise and almost every day a new website is launched to fulfil the ever-growing needs […] Read more

Oct, 08, 2015


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