Airline industry is the second most social industry. It is transforming the way Airlines are establishing and adopting customer relation policies. Customers are proactively engaged and empowered through social CRM. The main objective is to improve customer experience.

Travellers from around the world form communities and connect with others to share their experiences with airlines, giving these brands a huge opportunity for a word of mouth referral system.


Improve Customer Experiences Through Social CRM

Customer service is the most common cross-functional role in the Airline industry. One of the biggest challenges faced by Airlines today is allocating resources to social media. Connect with other team members at the same time to track and respond to customer feedback using Simplify360’s CRM platform. The platform provides a seamless team integration between multiple users; assign tasks to each other and maintain an end-to-end workflow.

Find out Customer Intent Through Social Media Listening

Monitoring customer interaction and social listening is how brands gain a competitive edge. Track what your customers love about your brand, the food, the experience or the service? How many recommended your airline? How many mentioned that they would like to travel again with you? Listen to what your customers have to say. Simplify360 also provides customer centric data such as customer insights, analytics on audience segmentation, targeting and sentiment analyses to help you develop a wining social media strategy.

Optimize Your Social Marketing

Measure all your social activities and benchmark them against your leading competitors. Understand what works and what doesn't for your social campaigns and fine tune them using actionable analytics. Furthermore, increase the efficiency of the reporting among your team members through real-time analytical dashboards and distributable pdf reports.

Create Holistic Business Through Integration

Use Simplify360's standard API formats and integratable modules to introduce social insights in all your enterprise software and BI dashboards. This helps distribute social insights and knowledge across your organization in real-time.