How to create a Viral campaign?  

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Today the virus of social media is spreading faster than any other epidemic. Almost every internet savvy has come across the term “going viral”. Content going viral resonates so enormously that it catches fire and ends up being the topic of discussion across the internet.

This ebook is an attempt to showcase to you the what, how and why of virality. Also find out how the latest trends and technology has changed the entire perspective of digital communication. You will also get to know about some of the most common social networking sites and how they have transformed our world of networking and socialising.

What's inside?

  • Dos and Dont's for getting viral on Social Media
  • Mobile Usage Landscape
  • Why tablets are replacing Desktops and Laptops?
  • Pinterest Reasons for its exponential growth
  • Rise of the visual content machines Instagram
  • Rise of Visual Content Machines- YouTube
  • Why People Love SlideShare?
  • Twitter handles which a social media enthusiast should follow!
  • Excellent Non-Brand Facebook Pages when it comes to engagement
  • List of metrics to track on Facebook, Twitter and Social Buzz