5 Steps to Choose the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool

Social Media has evolved immensely over the past few years, with hundreds and thousands of people signing up on a daily basis. The space in fact is constantly growing and the scope for companies to extract valuable customer insights is also increasing accordingly. So, how do the companies access this valuable information? Does human monitoring […] Read more

Brands, Hashtags, Instagram Marketing and more!

Instagram has upped the social game over the last two years and has evolved from being a simple photo sharing platform to a full-fledged marketing platform. The statistics for Instagram has changed drastically as marketers realized its potential. Instagram worked significantly well for most fashion brands and food tech companies. In fact, according to a […] Read more

Why Agencies Need Social Media Monitoring ?

Digital media and social media walk hand in hand. If you are managing the online front for a brand, which is new or old, you sure understand the need to investigate the environment well, before planning any action. A social media monitoring tool, which focuses on keeping you updated about your client’s overall social presence as […] Read more